What Will You Reclaim When You Feel Your Best...?

Manage Your Pain Anywhere / Anytime & Reclaim the Best Version of You

"This is a perfect solution for me especially since I can’t take extreme cold or ice on my back and this is cool, comfortable and easy. This miracle back product has delivered me back to being a member of the human race again! Thank you for restoring my quality of life!!"
- Ava S.

"I am pain free and running after my child again...and I am forever grateful to Nanohealth!"
- Donny H.

"I had really given up on every finding or being able to be pain free.
...but thanks to my wrap I have my life back again!!"
- Frank T.

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Man on bike with cold therapy knee wrap

Only with Optimum Cooling Therapy...

...Heal Faster: Promotes Accelerated Healing

...Safe: Ready to use, straight out of the box. Hormone-free, Drug-free, Battery-Free. Use anytime: day or night.

...Not Too Cold, Just Right: The Optimal temperature for active healing - Also, comfortable enough to be worn against the skin.

...Reusable: Can be used again and again, hundreds of times.

...Applies to All Types of Pain: Perfect for persistent chronic pain, as well as sports or accident-related injuries.

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"I love my pain relief wrap! I now have a second unit and switch between the two. It is so much nicer than standard ice packs."
- J. Fausz

A 21st Century Cooling Solution

An Old-Fashioned Remedy in a New-Fashioned Way

Cold-therapy has long been trusted as a leading way to heal and treat pain and injuries.

The problem: Before now, there have been no ideal solutions for pain and injuries that provide the:
...Optimal Temperature
...for the Optimal amount of time
...as well as Ideal Placement to target the affected area.

Nanohealth set out to Solve this Problem:

Utilizing technology that has been military used and hospital recommended for decades, Nanohealth has created comfortable, convenient pain relief wraps that deliver the optimal healing temperature for the length of time needed to promote active healing.

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