About Us

Here at Nanohealth, we make YOUR pain OUR business.


OUR HISTORY: Military Conceived, Hospital Tested, Doctor Recommended & FDA Registered

While some products like to boast about being 'all new' - why would you want to trust you pain to something that hasn't been truly vetted?

The science utilized in our pain relief wraps has been used for years in the military, and was then called upon by EMT’s, fire-fighters and other first-responders. ​

Next, we began filling orders for hospitals, nation-wide, and around the world - to help accelerate healing, particularly for patients recovering after surgery... ​

...Finally, Nanohealth worked to craft superior, streamlined designs and an eCommerce solution so that you can now order the same military grade, hospital tested, doctor recommended pain relief wraps straight to your door. ​

Now, it is finally available to you – straight from the manufacturer.

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Meet Some of the Nano Team...



Dr. David Abramson

Dr. David Abramson
Acting Chief of Surgical Services, Englewood Hospital, Englewood, N.J., Chief Medical Officer Nanohealth USA

Dr. David Abramson is President of the New York Regional Society of Plastic Surgeons and the President-Elect of the New Jersey Society of Plastic Surgery and was recently named Acting Associate Chief of Surgical Services at Englewood Hospital and Medical Center. ​

Dr. Abramson is excited about improving patient care, satisfaction and healing as well as providing accelerated healing opportunities for his patients with Nanohealth's unique pain relief wraps. ​

"This technology has proven to be very different from standard ice-based water circulation cold therapy treatments. It absorbs the heat directly from the affected area for deep tissue cooling without constricting blood and oxygen needed for healing.

...Within weeks of offering these products to our patients, we began seeing an improved HCAPS score for patient satisfaction."






Dean Merlin 
Vice President of Global Sales

Dean Merlin joined the Nanohealth organization as Vice President - Global Sales in July, 2017.  He has spent over 25+ years in the medical/surgical device field.

He has hired, trained and managed independent sales representatives and sales organizations throughout the USA as well as founded 2 different organizations in the healthcare industry. RMS Enterprises (1994), representing industry leading manufacturers of medical/surgical products devices and implants across all surgical specialties. And Surgical Repair of America (1998-2004) as a rigid/flexible endoscope and instrument repair company. This company addressed the need for hospitals to lower repair costs.

Dean has also worked with several startup companies in the development and sales of new products, and has even been involved in training surgeons from several surgical specialties on new innovative and less invasive surgical techniques.

Dean is a wonderful addition to the team here at Nanohealth USA:

“Joining Nanohealth has been very exciting as it is tremendous opportunity to offer the medical /surgical community and ultimately patients a new, innovative and low cost alternative to traditional ice therapy.”

“My objective at Nanohealth is to make our unique “Controlled Temperature System” and “Active Healing” concept the first and only choice for patients requiring a cold therapy device.”


Kathryn Doherty

Kathryn Doherty
VP of Operations

Here at Nanohealth, we like to think of ourselves as a relaxed environment that values family, both personal and professional. We are a family and strive to enjoy what we do.

Kate wears many hats. Essentially, Operations is akin to a big wheel comprised of several spokes. Each spoke represents a department within Nanohealth. That’s everything from finance and accounting to customer service and material management to vendor qualification and compliancy under our Quality Management System…. vis á vis … all operational aspects. One minute I’m negotiating with a freight forwarder, the next minute sharing ideas with reps regarding sales techniques or training nurses. Although a mishmash of daily responsibilities, I wouldn’t trade it for anything. They say variety is the spice of life. In my opinion, Nanohealth is truly a spicy morsel compared to the countless mundane technologies.

We believe there is no hurdle too high to jump, no question too trivial to ask, no idea too silly to convey. Today is our time to show the world what Nanohealth is all about. We’re proud of saying Team Nano. It’s not an empty saying, we really believe it.


Wendy Everett

Wendy Everett
New Product Design & QMS Manager

Wendy has been in the creative side of making products for many years. We at Nanohealth are extremely lucky to have coaxed her away from designing custom skates as she did for many years at Reidell Skates. There, she was the sole designer for one-of-a-kind custom designs for a number of Olympic skaters.

Each project Wendy works on begins with a vision. She receives pictures, ideas, wishes and hand-drawn symbols. And, sometimes a combination of all and still is able to transform these tid-bits into a functional and beautiful design!

Aside from her creative genius, she also manages our Quality Management System processes for new product designs all through finished product. She is a true think outside the box designer. She transforms concepts into anatomically functioning products that really work....It’s quite common to witness Wendy fitting prototypes in various stages on employees to ensure she has achieved the best fit, form and function.

Finally, after experiencing a back injury herself, Wendy was able to provide a unique understanding of how to maximize our technology to create our newest success – the Lumbar-Sciatica Pain Relief Wrap.


Dean Brior

Dean Brior
N.E. Regional Manager

Dean is a twenty year veteran of the medical device market.

He has worked for years, developing sales associates teams across the Northeast and has a passion for training and new product development. Dean focuses on developing team goals, mission statements, organization, training, and execution.

Using twenty years of sales management experience, he is excited to partner with Nanohealth to grow and expand the Northeast team with excellence and passion.

At home, Dean enjoys spending time with his family, fishing, boating and firmly believes in and having fun doing what you love.


Craig Hoenig

Craig Hoenig
N.W. Regional Manager

Craig comes to Nanohealth with over 25 years of Medical Device Sales and Sales Management experience.

He began his Surgical Sales career in 1991 as a General and Vascular Surgical Sales specialist, and most recently worked as the Regional Sales manager for a leading company providing Neuro, Ortho and Plastics products.

In his personal life, Craig enjoys golfing, bicycling and hiking; and here at Nanohealth USA, Craig is excited to grow a sales force across the Northwest to help patients improve the quality their lives through Medical advancements and nano-technology.​



 Jennifer Sanderson

Middle East Regional Sales Manager
Jennifer Sanderson looks after the Middle East region for Nanohealth from her base in Dubai.Over approximately twenty years Jennifer has managed events, advised major Australian banks and other companies on establishing in the M.E. region. She has acted for finance education institutions, guided companies specialising in sustainable construction industry products and now health industry products.Jennifer enjoys life, including sport, music, crafts, walking, reading and travel.Her passions include non-drug related health, which explains why, some years ago, she discovered cool vests, as a way to improve the life of construction workers in the M.E.  Nanohealth then became of particular interest, when she realised what amazing results can be achieved from a simple drug free solution. With four children living in UK, France and Australia as well as ten grandchildren, friends in nearly every country and frequent travel, Jennifer has a worldly view of people and markets. 


Kerri Gaither, M.A.

Kerri Gaither, M.A.
Marketing Director

With a Masters Degree in Marketing Communications from the New York Institute of Technology (NYIT), Kerri has provided a wide variety of marketing solutions to clients world-wide for over 15 years; most often in the industry she is passionate about: health and wellness.

With her Bachelors in English, Humanities and Behavioral Sciences, Kerri has a keen interest in understanding the human element, learning what people truly want and need.

Here at Nanohealth, Kerri prides herself on using her skills, passion and education to pair those in pain with the highest quality natural solution possible. - Nanohealth's natural, therapeutic cooling pain relief wraps. ​

At home, Kerri loves to read, run and spend time with her husband, dog and 3 children.


Ivan Hoe

Ivan Hoe
Motivational Manager

Ivan has been with the company since its inception. If you ever need to know what is going on at the office in Red Wing he is the one to ask, he knows the business inside and out.

Ivan likes to greet everyone by standing at attention and providing a solid and friendly handshake at the door. He loves his job at Nanohealth and is very sad on days he can't go to work.

Ivan has occasionally been found sleeping on the job but he makes up for it with renewed enthusiasm and excitement upon waking so he is quickly forgiven by the team.

In his free time, Ivan enjoys playing ball, chasing squirrels and hiking.