The Emotional Effects of Chronic Pain

The Emotional Effects of Chronic Pain

When we think of chronic pain, we think of the physical. That’s where the pain originates--the back, the wrists, the hips, or the knees. But that’s not the only place where chronic pain hurts.

...The real problem with chronic pain is the constant disruption to your daily life. Chronic pain can make it difficult or impossible to go about your daily tasks, and it can have an ugly effect on your relationships and even your self-worth. Chronic physical pain can also have serious mental and emotional health repercussions that often go undiscussed.

Irritability and Low Patience

In the throes of chronic pain, you may find yourself lashing out at loved ones. When you’re in pain, it’s difficult to focus on anything but the pain. Imagine you have constant back pain and while trying to finish an assignment for work, your best friend keeps texting you about a recent breakup. Or you’re gritting your teeth through your knee pain as you try to do the dishes while your kids fight over a toy in the next room. If you weren’t in pain, you might be able to support your best friend or resolve the issue with your kids. But when it’s all you can do to not think about how much you’re hurting, your patience for anything and anyone is pretty low. And this, in turn, can affect your…


Because of the heightened irritability, people in chronic pain often withdraw from their loved ones. While it’s an understandable instinct to pull away when you’re in pain, it can have a terrible effect on your relationships. The people in your life need you to be available. When you’re not, they may start to pull away as well. It’s not your fault that you’re in pain, of course, but it’s one more way that chronic pain can have a negative impact on your quality of life.

Depression and Anxiety

With chronic pain, it’s difficult to enjoy much of anything. It depletes your energy and motivation, and you’ll often find your daily tasks and routines falling by the wayside. This can lead to a low self-esteem as you start to feel unproductive and useless. The lack of activity leading to lethargy and waning physical fitness only makes low self-esteem more severe. That’s why anxiety and depression are common side effects of chronic pain. You feel anxious because of all the things you need to do but can’t do, and depressed because of your lack of energy and low self-esteem.

Dependence on Pain Medication

In the midst of chronic pain, many people turn to pain medication. While pills might relieve the pain, they can also lead to problems all their own. In Painkillers. Relief, Abuse, and Addiction, we discussed the dangerous effects that can come with the use of painkillers to relieve chronic pain. At best, the medicine could become ineffective with constant use. In the worst case scenario, use of pain medication can lead to addiction.

Fortunately, painkillers are not the only way to relieve chronic pain.

A Natural Solution

People have been using hot and cold therapy to relieve pain for ages, but one of the best solutions is actually cool therapy. While cold therapy uses temperatures between 35-45 degrees and can often put patients at risk for frostbite or rebounded swelling, cool therapy uses temperatures between 50-60 degrees, the ideal temperature for pain relief and healing. Cool therapy works by loosening up the muscles and tendons, reducing swelling and the spread of pain. These ideal temperatures also help to accelerate healing because swelling is reduced, but not so far as to limit circulation. The flow of oxygen and nutrients is still able to help maximize the body’s natural healing processes.

Nanohealth uses cool therapy in all of our pain relief wraps. These wraps use a thermal wax that charges in the fridge or freezer in 20 minutes and stays cool for 1-2 hours. The wraps fit snugly at the sight of pain, cooling them effectively and allowing you to go about your day comfortably.

Unlike painkillers, this is an all-natural non-invasive solution.

These pain relief wraps can also help you overcome the emotional side effects of chronic pain by making your pain more manageable and, giving you an option you can always turn to - day or night. Whether at home or on the go, your pain relief wrap can provide you relief; and thus, energy to return to the things you enjoy. As your pain decreases, and your confidence that you can control the pain increases - many users feel their quality of life increasing once again.

Chronic pain has taken enough from you. We want to help you take your life back with all-natural cooling therapy.

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