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Healing Quest Podcast: The Lumbar Sciatica Pain Relief Wrap provides "dramatic effects" in Pain Relief

The healing quest podcast discovered Nanohealth USA's Lumbar Sciatica wrap while researching new natural health solutions in Anaheim. The hosts, Judy Brooks and Roy Walkenhorst are always looking to find the best, natural approaches to Optimum health; and were so impressed with the Pain Relief Wrap that they even began recommending it to friends.

During the show, they introduce Pam, a friend of the show who has suffered from sciatica for years and even endured back surgery - which only continued her pain. Pam states:

..."Within 30 really reduced my pain dramatically."

 ..."I really believe that this wrap helped me recover much quicker. I could start sleeping because I wasn't before..."

 ..."I'm getting ready to go into physical therapy and I believe, it's mostly because of the wrap."

With her Nanohealth wrap, and physical therapy, she is now able to do a variety of things she couldn't when she was in pain.

The show then goes on to describe how Walkenhorst even started using it himself! 

Have a listen below to hear the dramatic effect the Lumbar Sciatica Wrap has had on the hosts and their guest; while our very own Dr. Abramson joins the podcast to explain the functionality, history and the benefits of the wrap along with some of the other products this Nanotechnology has served. (From it's Military-use to it's current Medical uses.)

The Healing Quest Podcast is available on: Soundcloud, iTunes, the Google Play Store, Stitcher, Blubrry, Podcastpedia, Poddirectory and iHeart Radio, or you can take a listen here below:

Judy & Roy introduce Nanohealth at minute/second mark: 8:24:



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Podcast: Wearable Nanotechnology Product Creates a New Standard in Healing

Dr. Abramson, Acting Chief of Surgical Services at Englewood Hospital and Chief Medical Officer here at Nanohealth USA was invited to share how wearable Nanotechnology is forging new standards in pain relief and healing. ‚Äč

Listen below to learn more about how nano-technology really works: