Real People Say

I was a search and rescue swimmer for four years in the US Navy. I played semi-pro football. 

Once I became less active I tweaked my back at work which resulted in 4 spine surgeries over a 6 years period. I went through physical therapy, went through an anti-gravity machine, went through acupuncture and chiropractic care all without any resolve. 

I still experience back pain to where my legs and feet are numb, but when I use the nanohealth back device the pain not only goes away, but so does the numbness. My flexibility returns to normal and I am able to be functional in my work and home life. I'm not even kidding, within 15 minutes my back pain is gone!

Chris B., USN-Veteran
Red Wing, MN



Dealing with the pain of two herniated discs when it was at its worst i had really given up on every finding or being able to be pain free, I had resigned that was my new way of living. But after finding the nanotherapeutics lumbar pads, I am pain free and running after my child again...and I am forever grateful for it giving me my life back!

D. Hiltz
Cocoa, FL



I love my nanotheraputic knee device. I used it after my first total knee replacement in 2016. I now have a second unit and switch between the two. It is so much nicer than standard ice packs.

J. Fausz



I fell down my basement stairs and ended up with a compressed disc between L5 and S1.  A few years passed and it only got worse.  I had to have spinal fusion surgery.  I spent three days in the hospital after my spinal fusion surgery.  My hubby surprised me and bought two of the back units for me so I could switch them out and have one ready in the refrigerator to go when I needed it.  They were waiting for me when I got home.  I put one on right away.   I shoved it under my full body brace, right over my incision.  I could feel the difference right away. 

I had a cool one on 24/7 and never had to worry about falling asleep with it on.  Within a couple days I didn’t need pain pills any more as long as I kept my back cool. 

It felt amazing because it kept that hot feeling and the swelling to a minimum.  My Dr. said I would be out of work for months but I was back to work within 5 ½ weeks, part time 6 hours a day on my feet even with a full body brace.  After 8 weeks I was back to work fulltime.  I even took them and wore them at work.  Every once in a while now when I overuse my back and it gets sore I put it on and get the same relief as I did after surgery. It still feels amazing!   And after 100’s of uses it still looks like new.  I would recommend one of these products to anyone who has a sore back or is having a surgery.

Wendy Turnbell 



roy-headshot-3.jpgWhat's interesting is, doing the research I called them and said "How long do these things last physically, and they said "we don't know" unless something happens to it or there's a tear in it or something it could last 5, 10 even 15 years. They are very very sturdy.

I'm sure glad I have one, I'm feeling very cool right now as i'm sitting here doing this show.

Roy W. Radio Host
Healing Quest - iHeart Radio